Overseeing businesses in asset acquisition and private capital management

AX Holdings Limited (AXHL), the holding company for the AX Group of Companies, was established in January 2005, starting out as a company providing Loyalty & Lifestyle membership programmes with the aim of integrating merchants from the leisure, lifestyle and retail-services industries. Its focus then was mainly on 4 core business directions - Lifestyle; Asset Management; Travel and Communications.

AXHL oversees various subsidiaries in 3 countries.
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Over the years, the AX Group of Companies, consisting of 6 subsidiaries, has been gradually consolidated into a more streamlined work flow to better manage the groups’ resources and assets. Operations have not only been utilised efficiently and effectively to achieve maximum returns, but the various business units have also been striving to deliver better quality services to clients and add value to its shareholders.

AX-HL Expansion Overseas

AX in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
In June 2006, the group made its presence known in Central Asia by setting up their first overseas office in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The aim was to replicate the success of its Loyalty & Lifestyle membership programmes in Singapore in Central Asia, and to look into tapping the burgeoning travel and real estate markets in Uzbekistan.

Within a year, the AX Group began to promote foreign investments, tourism and business partnerships amongst companies between the 2 countries, providing support in Business & Trade Advisory Consultancy, Real Estate & Private Capital Management Advisory, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Advertising, Design & Media Productions, Event Management & Consultancy as well as Travel Consultancy to the Jewel of the Silk Road.

In 2010, AXHL, through AX Property Developments which it owns, invested in Eagle Rock Resort (ERR), a 90-minute trip from Tashkent. The resort has since opened after major upgrading works was carried out, and had its first bookings back in 2011. Every summer, during the peak season, the resort is fully booked. Plans are also under way for further development works at ERR to make it operate at full scale throughout the year, covering all 4 seasons. Even more thrilling, is the news the Group has converted the land surrounding the resort into cherry, peach and apple plantations. Whilst enhancing the beauty and splendour of the resort, this has added additional commercial value, with the extra agricultural produce from the land.

Indeed, the company stands facing the dawn of a new era. What started as a company of five staff now employs more than 30 staff, including a team of experienced staff based in Tashkent Uzbekistan.

In January 2010, AXHL set-up its correspondence office in the Philippines.

The Philippines- AXHL establishes property and commercial-investment opportunities

The Philippines has fertile, arable land; diverse flora and fauna; extensive coastlines and rich mineral deposits such as iron, gold and silver, just to name a few. The country is also rich in natural resources and there are large areas of land available for development.
AXHL forays into the Philippines have presented the group insights into the mechanics of our resource-rich neighbour and have enabled us to foster intimate relationships with key market players there.

Particularly, the Group has identified two exceptional areas that we believe would add deep value to our portfolio.

Firstly, the Group has identified a few premium sites in the bustling metropolis of Manila, as well as other upcoming locations that is poised for explosive growth within 1-2 years. Since 2013, AXHL has already invested in several high-end properties, namely in Alabang, Palawan and Tagaytay.
According to research by our team of analysts, the Philippines is poised to be the world’s 16th largest economy and South East Asia’s richest nation by 2020.

As is the tradition of the Group, AXHL will continue to bring to its stakeholders the prime of the picks, and are already in negotiations to acquire rights and ownership to assets in the most prestigious and sought after locations in Manila.


AXHL has made much progress since its humble beginnings in 2005. With over 40 years of combined experiences within the AX team, reinforced further by the cooperation with its sister-companies in Uzbekistan and the Philippines, AXHL has the ability to leverage not only on its business networks and vast experience, but also tap from its own extensive market-knowledge and strategic partnerships as well, to offer valued Clients and business-partners more wealth-generating opportunities in the years ahead, in all its business directions undertaken.

AXHL will continue to do its best to set high standards to be a leader in asset acquisition and private capital management to ensure sustained growth and greater success in the years to come.


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